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Welcome, one and all, this is Elli Sanders. I’ve been a hobbyist adult webmaster for almost 5 years now. I actually do these websites because I love dabbling in all things porn. Myself have also been in some naughty flicks before, but stopped because I honestly didn’t find it that erotic to personally be in porn. I did some anal work in my day, my niche was goth/creampies/anal pictures and videos.

This site is all about anal pay site reviews and affiliate sites to join if you are also a webmaster. So without further ado, this is the best anal paid membership sites I personally belong to and have been happy with since I started actually paying for porn.

The first goodies are FREE!!! They are actually a free database of anal porn, AKA a real anal porn site. These you don’t have to pay ever, although there are some upsells and you need a credit card, just be aware, but these are absolutely 100% free anal sites below:

The best free anal sites no pay
This is Free Anal Passport:

This is highest joining anal offer on the net that is free. So if you want to have some better quality anal porn to check out, this is by far the best non pay membership site online. This review couldn’t get any simpler, sign up and enjoy free anal daily!

Big Ass Free Anal Porn Site
This is Free Big Ass Passport:

This is not 100% anal, but there is a shit ton of anal fucking going on in this site. I personally dig quite a bit of this site. But it all comes down to preference I suppose, want my honest point of view to these two sites? Anal Passport is way better when it comes to pure anal fucking for the most part, this is a great site for those who love butt fucking and hardcore pussy slamming as well. So if this is more of your cup of tea, then feel free right now to check it out!

Now, for the Anal for Pay Site Memberships

If you are one of those anal freaks that just needs the best anal sex videos and pictures, then these are the top paid sites I can recommend to you. The company who does these sites have been in business online since 1996, so they’re not going anywhere and they constantly update their sites DAILY with the hottest anal porn stars today, along with some older hotties as well. Don’t let big brands fool you, they play on huge advertising budgets simply for one or two videos that you pay BIG bucks for every single month. Get updated daily with epic anal videos and high quality HD pictures. Oh… another thing I like about these guys. One click cancelling. They don’t fuck around, and neither should you.


My New Favorite Anal Pay SiteI’m usually a sensual type of anal chick, but god damn if this site doesn’t turn me on. Great HD, clear, crisp. The chicks are hot as fuck and they hundreds of them and getting new ones all the time. I’ve had my membership for a little over 6 months now and I’ve to scratch the surface of this anal beauty called “Holed”.

Onward to Anal Fucking the First Site is “Anal Drilled teens”:

Teen Porn Stars Getting Fucked Anally in Membership Sites

This is pretty self explanatory, these guys gather up the hottest teen girls ready to hand over the anal virginity, they are petite, sexy young sluts that open up for huge thick cocks. Pretty nasty anal review right :P? Well yeah, but seriously, they get some super cute teens in this one and they get new girls frequently enough to keep your cock happy. This is my top anal pay site that I recommend.

The Second Anal Membership Sites is “Anal Try Outs”:

Teen Girls Try Out Anal Sex in Anal Try Outs

Anal Tryouts is a very very close to being my favorite anal site on the net today. Reason it’s not is because I have a huge thing for teens. But this site has some super clean HD videos of new anal virgins and anal pro’s taking huge cock, creampies and toys. I find myself browsing the daily updates almost every day if I’m not on Anal Drilled Teens. I guess it’s up for you to decide right now, are you more of a teen lover or can you handle some girls in their 20’s too? ๐Ÿ˜›

Lastly the 3rd Anal Gaping of a Site is “Anal Army”:

Anal Army Fucking Buttholes and Creampies

Anal Army is a special type of anal membership site that involves chicks in army uniforms, I find some of the stuff in this site pretty hot, but ultimately I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite out of the 3. I’ll visit this one maybe every week to see what’s new. But don’t take that like I hate it, I don’t visit porn sites I don’t like or even just kind of like. There is waaay too much porn to be checking out and unless it’s high quality, I don’t fuck with it!

So what to do? Are you a free anal porn fan or you looking for something to pay for?

Now don’t get too pushy, these are all great sites, if you’re crazy like me, you’ll find yourself grabbing up their multi-pack membership deal and getting them for a super reasonable price. I don’t have 100’s of stupid ass sites to pitch you, these paid anal sites have everything that the big guys have without the huge fucking price tags. New stars, daily updates, ease of access, privacy and one click cancelling. Nothing better, thusly why I don’t fuck around with any other websites except these guys. You’ll see why and feel fucking smart as fuck not going down the dumb ass pay for porn trial where they’ll continue to selling the same old video or girl over and over again. Porn is about variety, don’t let them trick you into paying for micro-niche anal bullshit (porn in general) sites ever again! If you’re into hentai you can Genki Hentai paid website.

This site is run by Elli Sanders, and she is responsible for a lot of different work online surrounding the adult area of things, she is actually a huge hentai games andย  reviewer. Her hentai games website is pretty darn cool actually. I personally run all these websites for her, and she helps me with other parts of my business which is pretty neat. She is a multi-millionaire and she is a huge giver actually, she gives away a lot to a lot different places that need it. Shes certainly a leader in her field. So it should make you wonder why shes into hentai, anal, cuckolding and everything else nasty and perverted online?

Shes doing this because she loves these adult categories, and shes sick and perverted ๐Ÿ˜› just like everyone else in the world, but she doesn’t act like she has a problem. She is the owner of a traveling rave club in Asia, she is from Colorado but she lives in Japan now, going to school. You can learn a lot more about her and her anal site reviews or hentai site reviews at the links given at the top.

Enjoy your stay and keep up being perverted! It’s good for you sick anal freak!